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President’s speech

The Chambers of commerce in the Kingdom play an important role in the growth and stability of the national economy and the advancement of both economic and social development through its various efforts in the definition of the national economy and the demonstration of investment opportunities available in the regions as well as cooperation with departments To make the investment process a simple and uncomplicated process, the role of the Chamber of Commerce is not limited to this, but extends to the constant communication with businessmen, merchants and industrialists of different activities through weekly bulletins and daily news containing all up to the room of Circulars or business opportunities as well as local and international exhibitions, seminars and economic lectures that will develop the economic thought of the people and make them fully aware of the local and global economic reality, and the role of the Chamber is not limited to this, but extends to the average citizen by the holding of Training courses that prepare job seekers for the labour market in the private sector

On behalf of myself and the board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce of Arar and from this rostrum we invite the brothers businessmen, merchants, industrialists and investors whether their activities are large or small size by communicating with the room and attending meetings that invite them and share their ideas and opinions different and constructive to develop the region and increase the rate of investment in it and help in its economic growth to become one of the biggest economic zones in the kingdom as well as to display the problems and worries that they suffer to offer to the responsible authorities to solve it by God’s will the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques does not spare any effort to overcome all Obstacles to advancing the progress and economic growth of the Kingdom and its citizens.

President’s speech President’s speech

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